Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed or if you require further clarification, please feel free to contact us.
Q: What day does recycling and garbage get picked up at Park Vista?
A: The usual garbage and recycling pickup day is Thursday. For weeks that have a statutory holiday, collection will usually occur on Friday. Visit the City of Ottawa's website should you wish to download a copy of the most recent waste collection calendar for our area.
Q: Am I allowed to store garbage/recycling containers in front of my unit?
A: No. All garbage, recycling and composting containers should be stored in your backyard or within your unit. An exception is made only during the winter months (between December and April) when you are allowed to have one garbage container (either a garbage can OR the green bin) stored by your front door.
Q: Where is my unit's electrical panel and main water shut-off valve?
A: The electrical panel and main water shut-off valve are both located in the laundry room in your basement. The electrical panel is on the wall and the water shut-off valve is located on the floor near the laundry sink.
Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the chimney?
A: Chimneys are maintained by the condominium and are inspected and cleaned every fall.
Q: What can I use in my fireplace?
A: A wrapped firelog is recommended. Do not burn wood with the firelog or use more than one log at a time. For more details on the proper use of the fireplace, please refer to section II.6 of the Rules and Regulations (page 18). Please note that your fireplace was not designed to serve as a major heat source, but for aesthetic, occasional use only.
Q: Who is responsible for the smoke detectors?
A: The condominium schedules an annual testing of smoke detectors every fall. However, the ongoing maintenance of the smoke detectors is the responsibility of the unit owner.
Q: Why am I getting condensation on my windows?
A: Our research into window condensation clearly indicates that condensation is generally a product of living standards and life style, and is not related to the windows, attics, or external walls of our units. We encourage you to refer to our PDF document on Questions regarding condensation on windows for more information on this matter.
Q: I've lost my parking permit. How do I get a new one?
A: There is a fee involved in obtaining a replacement parking permit. Please contact the condominium office for more details.
Q: What does the condominium fee cover?
A: The fee is used to provide funds to meet the condominium's operating costs and to maintain the Corporation's Reserve Fund. For more details on the condo fee, please see our page on Condominium Fees.
Q: What are the rules for Park Vista's playground?
A: We have prepared a list of playground rules for the Park Vista playground which you may download. Please note that our playground is for the use of Park Vista residents and their guests only.