Park Vista is governed by Directors who are individually elected by ballots at the Annual General Meeting.  The elected Directors form the Board of Directors, which is responsible for making all major decisions regarding the condo’s finances and maintenance of buildings and grounds, and for upholding the uniform enforcement of the Condo Act, declaration, by-laws, and rules.  The Board represents neither itself nor the Property Management but the owners and should be accountable to them.  Owners should be able to make reasonable complaints to the Board without being threatened with legal actions.
Election of Directors

Directors are alternately elected (2 by 2 by 1) annually for three year terms and are eligible to be re-elected for subsequent terms.  The Board of Directors should ideally consists of five directors (though may still legally operate with just three):  President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Manager.
Principles of the Board of Directors
Communicates with owners and residents on a regular basis, explains its decisions, openly discusses problems and victories, and has a policy of transparency and truthfulness.  
Addresses owners' legitimate complaints, concerns, or requests and respects useful suggestions.
Consistently follows and uniformly enforces condo rules without favouritism.
Exercises due diligence regarding contracts for repairs, maintenance, and staffing by seeking advices from non-interested parties (to avoid conflicts of interest) and searching for better and less expensive solutions than the one suggested by contractors.
Is constituted of members who have no axe to grind, vested interest, nor personal agenda.
Always respects the condo's finances, assets, and owners' monies.
Makes certain that the premises are well maintained, and that staff is competent and hard working.
Property Management

Park Vista employs a Property Management company which manages the affairs of the condominium.  These affairs include enforcement of declaration, by-laws, rules, regulations, and policies, compiling and executing all status certificates, prompt business-like action, repair and maintenance, inspection of contracted services, purchase of materials, telephone and emergency service, reporting accidents or claims, notification of changes to owners, providing consultation service to the Board, maintaining the Corporation’s Register, organizing and attending meetings, providing quotes for maintenance contracts, secretarial services, correspondence, entry to units, accounting & bookkeeping, providing advices on reserve funds, collection of condominium fees, payment of invoices, and budget preparation.
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